Karesuando Salmon - Laxen Knife



The Karesuando Salmon - Laxen Knife is handcrafted in Karesuando, on the border between Sweden and Finland. The Blade is 15cm long, 1.9 cm wide and 1.2mm thick and  made from a flexible, quality Swedish stainless steel.

The blade extends with an internal tang that stretches approx 2.5" into the handle and is secured very firmly so that it won''t come loose. In fact, Karesuando offers a Lifetime Guarantee that if the blade comes loose you will get a new knife straight away.

The Handle is made from oiled curly birch and moose bone. The Sheath is made from cow hide leather and has an embossed design. This knife is primarily suited to fishing, culinary activity and fish preparation.


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