Karesuando Vuonjal



The Karesuando Vuonjal is a lovely little knife with generous handle. It has an 8cm Sandvick 12c27 blade with a Scandi grind. The versatile sheath can worn dangling from a belt or, worn horizontally thanks to a second loop. This also means that it may be strapped to a rucksack or backpack.

The handle is oiled curly birch with inserts of reindeer antler. The internal tang stretches 2.5" in to the handle. Karesuando offers a Lifetime Guarantee that if the blade ever comes loose, you will get a new knife straight away.

This knife is ideal for when you need a lot of control, it is also suitable for carving and could be used in all kinds of outdoor activities such as survival exercises, bushcraft and camping.

The sheath is made from vegetable tanned cow hide leather.


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