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Karesuando Large Hatchet Natural, Stoera Aksu


Holding this hatchet is a very tactile experience. Ergonomically, it is excellent; functionally, it performs way above its dimensions. Whether you are preparing wood for the fire, camping or even gardening this hatchet will serve you well.

In the arctic this hatchet is often used to fleece moose and reindeer. Compliment it with a small pocket knife and your are well prepared for hunting and all kinds of outdoor activities including: bushcraft, forestry, camping, splitting firewood, survival exercises and even gardening.

The Karesuando large hatchet is supplied with a high quality belt holster and diamond sharpener with its own leather case.

Aside from being a high performing tool to rely upon, the Karesuando large hatchet is also a work of art and is made using stainless steel, moose bone, reindeer antler, curly birch and cowhide.

Weight about 650 grams, length of about 300 mm.

Wood is a natural product and as such slight variations in grain and colour may occur.

Karesuando Hunters Axe, Stoera Aksu, 4013