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Karesuando Huggaren - Leuku



This is another "must have" Karesuando knife for the outdoors-man and makes a brilliant companion for hunting, fishing, gardening and forest activities. Given its camp knife style, it is particularly suited for camping and bushcraft.

The swollen, curly birch handle allows for a very positive grip which gives the bearer confidence when thinning branches, clearing brush or chopping kindling for the camp fire. The deep, Sandvik 12c27 blade retains a razor edge and easily brightened with a diamond file for optimum use.

The Karesuando Huggaren is a high performing tool to rely upon, it is also a work of art and features:

  • Stainless steel blade measuring 180mm x 40mm x 2.5mm
  • Handle made of oiled curly birch and reindeer antler
  • Sheath made from cow and reindeer hide.

Product no. 3512

RRP. £153.00

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