Karesuando Mettämies Red Beech Axe



The Karesuando Mettämies Red Beech Axe is among the latest versions of the very popular and capable line of Karesuando axes and hatchets.

Anyone familiar with Karesuando hatchets knows that these are not only beautiful objects in and of themselves, but highly capable tools designed to perform in the most challenging of environments.

The axe head is forged from high quality stainless steel, the hand carved Scandinavian beech handle provides a good, positive grip. As with all Karesuando hatchets, the handle is appointed with moose bone and an antler inlay.

This axe comes with a good quality diamond sharpener in a leather slip. A high quality leather sheath with belt loop keeps the axe close to hand.

The Mettämies is supplied in a presentation box on a bed of reindeer fur.

Weight with leather sheath is approx. 310 grams

Length approx. 230 mm.

RRP. £165.00

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