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Thuya Root and Trunk "Soap Box"


Type: Soap Box

Use: Desk organiser, desk storage box, wooden watch box, mens jewelry box, men's valet box

Material: Thuya root and trunk


external: 16cm long x 10cm deep x 5.5cm high

internal: 12.5cm long x 7cm deep x 4cm high

The lock knife shown in the images is the Continental black buffalo horn folding knife which can be seen here.

These beautiful wood boxes are handcrafted by Kosovo, an accredited and skilled thuya artisan of almost a quarter of a century. Kosovo hails from Essaouira, Morocco (pronounced “Swira” by locals), he started learning the craft of thuya as an apprentice aged 15, honing his skills as a thuya artisan over three decades.  Today, Kosovo lives most of the time in Wales.

Ancient Roots -  Thuya is the Berber name given to this tree which grows uniquely in the region of Essaouira.  In Latin, the tree is known as Tetraclinis Articulata.  Thuya is a variation of the Tetraclinis tree.  It is incredibly resilient; one of the few trees which can reform after being cut down to the trunk. The trunk is light brown, but the unique effect of Thuya is achieved by using outgrowths on the roots and branches which produce unique grains. The Romans knew the wood well, and furniture made of Thuya has been found in Roman ruins.

Sustainability and thuya - Thuya trees are now protected by the Forestry Commission and the farming of thuya is regulated. Artisans like Kosovo are members of the local thuya trade association and must be accredited by the Ministry of Artisanship to have the right to purchase wood off-cuts. This approach is supported by a vigorous re-planting program to ensure longer term sustainability for people and environment.

Tips on Tender Loving Care ... Treat thuya with love and attention. Polish the wood and your product from time to time with a dab of vegetable oil. Use a tissue or soft cloth to avoid scratching.  

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