UOvision UV557 Mini 8MP



The UOVision UV557 Mini 8MP is ideal if you want to be extra discreet with surveillance or security. The Mini is (as the name suggests) small, meaning it is easy to position discreetly. Perfect for security monitoring or wildlife observation where a small camera is required.

Photo & Video Quality:  Uovision Mini 8MP delivers good quality images day and night. The camera can be set in the following resolutions: 3MP, 5MP, 8MP., and can be configured to take 1-10 pictures in succession during motion detection.  The video quality is adjustable in two different resolutions, VGA and QVGA, with a 5-60 second video clip.

Black Invisible IR: The camera's IR lighting (flash) is totally invisible to both humans and animals. UOVision uses a newly developed IR flash, the High Power LED technology gives a much smoother and softer light than before. The IR lighting is adjustable in 2 different strengths 50% or 100%, range at 100% max 12 meters.  

Time Lapse, Hours and Movement:  Time Lapse is a function that shoots at a set time interval. If you set the camera's Time Lapse function for 8 hours, for example, the camera will take a picture / video every 8 hours regardless of whether there is motion or not in front of the camera. This is a smart feature if you want to keep track of a thermometer in the holiday home, check the camera's status or monitor a live trap. The versatility allows the camera to be used in a variety of ways. The function can of course be combined with the PIR / motion sensor and with the timer. Timer allows you to decide which times of day the camera's motion sensor should be activated. You can set 2 different times each day and this can be combined with the Time Lapse function.  Motion Sensor & Response Time A state-of-the-art sensor with a wide sensing area that is adapted to the camera's angle of view. It has good range and sensitivity and can be set in 3 different modes: Low, Auto and High.  The function can be combined with the Timer and Time Lapse settings.  

The menu:  UOVision has easy-to-understand menus including image icons.  

Display:  Built-in 1.5 "LCD color display with easy-to-navigate menu.  

SD memory card:  SDHC cards must be used in order for the camera to work - the camera stores all the pictures and videos on the memory card. If you do not want to keep older images and videos and will empty the memory card occasionally, then the function "overwrite" means that when the memory card is full, the camera automatically writes over the oldest file (this function is selectable: on / off). The camera supports SDHC memory cards in sizes 2-32GB, although we recommend 16GB or upwards.  

Power Supply:  Powered by 8 AA batteries. We recommend using lithium batteries because they do not lose capacity at freezing temperatures and have a longer life. The camera can also be operated with 6 volt external power together with UOVision's power cable or a 220 volt AC adapter.  

Mounting:  The camera can easily be mounted with the strap (which is included) on a tree or post, for example. Wall brackets are available as an accessory - with wall brackets you can more easily angle the camera to the required position.  

Accessories needed:  SDHC card (memory card) and 8x AA batteries.  

Supplied accessories:  English manual Strap for mounting 21 cm foldable antenna  

Comes with a 2 year warranty.

SPECIFICATIONS: Image resolution: 3MP, 5MP, 8MP

Lens: Aperture 3.0

Photo angle: 52 degrees

IR Flash: Adjustable in two modes: 50% and 100%

Display: 2.0 "LCD

Video resolution: VGA, QVGA Memory card slot: SD / SDHC from 2GB up to 32GB

PIR / Motion sensor: Multizone PIR / Motion Sensitivity: Adjustable, Low, Normal, High Reaction time: 0.9 seconds Weight: 350gram (without batteries) PIR interval: Selectable, 0 seconds to 60 minutes, Time Lapse:   5-55 seconds (in 5 second steps)   1-59 minutes (in 1 minute steps)   1-8 hours (for 1 hour steps)   Picture series: 1-10 images Video length: 5-60 seconds

Power source: Batteries, 4xAA, 8xAA and external power socket.

Password protection: Yes, 4-digit pin code

IP rating: 54

Tripod thread: Yes, on the underside

Size: 120x87x55 millimeters

Windows compatible. CE, FCC and Rohs approved.


Type: Trail Camera

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