Can a Hatchet be a Work of Art?

Can a Hatchet be a Work of Art?

December 09, 2018

Yes, if it's a Karesuando Hatchet.

The Karesuando large hatchet (or Stoera Aksu to give it its name of origin) is made by the Sami people in Karesuando, some 250km north of the arctic circle, in Swedish Lapland. It is very popular and for good reason, being equal parts high performing tool and well, work of art.

When I first got my hands on the large hatchet, it sat on my desk for a good six months before I used it. I would spend time holding it, appreciating the balance, the bearded edge and the curvature of the curly birch handle, which allows for numerous holding positions. I know I'm not alone in this admiration as many of our customers express the same reluctance to use it. However, it is a tool and it is made to chop, cut and slice and it accomplishes all of these proficiently.

The notched design (where the head meets the handle) allows for close "choking" which is particularly useful for carving or making feather sticks (or any other detailed work). At the other end of the handle it is flared and capped with polished moose bone; ensuring a confident grip when splitting wood or, felling small trees.

It is available in both a dark and natural finish, both of which are equally appealing and is supplied in a presentation box on a bed of reindeer hide. It also comes with a small diamond file or sharpening stone in a leather slip.

Take a look for yourself at the following link and read some of the reviews.


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