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LionSteel Knives

LionSteel have a well deserved reputation for making high quality bushcraft knives, survival knives and folding knives. With a mission to make knives of uncompromising design and functionality, it is no wonder that they continually win awards and are recognised for the outstanding quality of their knives. 

LionSteel M5 Knife - Olive Wood $180.00 USD $192.00 USD
LionSteel M5 Knife - Canvas Micarta $180.00 USD $192.00 USD
LionSteel T5 Satin Niolox Blade $199.00 USD $224.00 USD
Lionsteel Gitano Santos Wood $154.00 USD $166.00 USD
Lionsteel Gitano Olive Wood $154.00 USD $167.00 USD
LionSteel Jack 2 Santos Wood JK2 ST $167.00 USD $180.00 USD
LionSteel Jack 1 Olive Wood JK1 UL $153.00 USD $154.00 USD
LionSteel Mini - Olive Wood $109.00 USD $118.00 USD