New Stock on the Way!

New Stock on the Way!

June 03, 2020

These strange and unusual times we find ourselves in have meant that production in a number of countries has either shut down, or, as is the case with some of our suppliers, production has switched to making Personal Protection Equipment.

The good news is that this pandemic appears to be tailing off and most of our suppliers have now switched back to making the products we love. 

We are expecting to be re-stocked with Casstrom Knives and Karesuando Axes in  June and Frost River in July.

We still have plenty of Frost River bags and packs available, along with a limited number of Casstrom Knives. We also have a good stock of the small Karesuando axe on the shelf.

We have good stock of Karesuando and Helle Knives, Stormy Kromer and Icebreaker Clothing and a good number of Frost River packs and bags.


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