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PUMA Knives of Solingen

New for 2021 and in keeping with our vision of only providing high quality tools that you can rely on, we are pleased to introduce PUMA knives.

Puma can trace their history back to 1769 when Johann Lauterjung entered his trademark in the knife makers guild of Solingen, Germany. Today, some 250 years later and Puma are known around the world for their high quality knives.

The highest quality Puma knives are still made in Solingen, Germany. To accommodate global demand and to provide a more accessible price point the Puma IP range of knives are handmade in Spain however design and quality control are overseen by Puma, Solingen.

Perhaps the most iconic of the Puma line up is the celebrated White Hunter, an incredibly versatile knife made to very high standards from the best quality materials and relied upon by hunters, bush-crafters and adventurers the world over. 

Of similar design is the Puma IP Survival Knife which is handmade in Spain and provides an excellent price point for an exceptional knife.

However our current favourite and well worth a look is the Puma Phoenix Bowie. Whilst this knife has a larger blade the handling and balance are excellent and we have been very impressed using it around camp.

You can see the full range of Puma knives we have available here