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Geier Goatskin Roper Gloves | Cowboy Gloves


These Goatskin Roper Gloves are extremely durable, yet soft. Goat skin is naturally water resistant and due to the higher levels of lanolin, is softer than cowhide.

An elasticated wrist provides for a snug fit whilst a reinforced palm provides comfort during use as well as extended life. Available in classic gold; a staple colour of American work gloves.

The Geier Glove Company have been making quality gloves in Washington State since 1927, using only the highest quality, animal skins.

Take a tape measure and wrap it around your (dominant) open hand, just below the knuckles. The size in inches is your glove size.

Available in sizes 8-11

Sizing note: we recommend going up a size from your measurement for the right fit.

Avoid getting wet when new to prevent colour seepage.


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