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Iron and Resin Holbrook Jacket


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There's no piece out there that embodies the timeless nature of workwear more than that of the chore coat. For our latest piece, the Holbrook Jacket, we pulled inspiration from that timeless silhouette and updated it to fit our needs.

You can count on this jacket being not only durable, but functional as well. And how could it not be? We paired a 12oz 100% cotton duck canvas with custom hardware, rivet reinforced critical points, double and triple needle felled seams, large pockets, and more. Our Holbrook Jacket was built to be your daily companion for life in and out of the workshop

This type of chore coat has a rich history rooted in functionality and durability. Originating in the late 19th century, chore coats were designed to withstand the rigours of physical labor while providing essential storage and protection for workers in various industries.

Originally worn by labourers such as farmers, mechanics, and railroad workers, chore coats were typically made from sturdy materials like denim, canvas, or duck cloth. Their design featured multiple pockets for tools and essentials, reinforced stitching, and a relaxed fit for ease of movement.

Over time, the chore coat transcended its utilitarian origins and became a staple of workwear fashion. Its timeless design and rugged aesthetic appeals to a broader audience, earning it a place in mainstream fashion and subcultures alike.

Today, the chore coat continues to serve as both a practical workwear staple. Its durability and functionality make it a favorite among craftsmen, artisans, and outdoor enthusiasts who value its reliability in challenging conditions. Meanwhile, its timeless style and adaptability have led to widespread adoption in urban fashion circles, where it is often paired with contemporary streetwear or tailored outfits for a rugged look.

The versatility of the chore coat extends beyond its traditional role as workwear. Its simple, utilitarian design lends itself well to layering, allowing wearers to transition seamlessly between seasons and occasions.


How it fits

The Holbrook Jacket is a true-to-size fitting. We suggest ordering your true size with this jacket. However, if you have any question on what size to order drop us a line or, give us a call. 


 Specs + Details

  • 12oz 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Double and triple needle felled seams
  • Two oversized patch pockets at the waist
  • Custom INR rivet reinforcement throughout critical points
  • Interior chest pocket to keep all those screws safe
  • Built-In locker loop under rear collar
  • Double button snap cuffs for ease of adjustment + fit
  • Imported