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Casstrom Paddle Strop


Casström knives are shaving sharp out of the box and to help maintain that keen edge there are two, handcrafted Casstrom leather strops to choose from.

The Paddle Strop has a larger strop area and is perfect for a sharpening at home or at basecamp. 

What is a strop and why are they useful?

A strop is used to maintain the sharpness of the edge of the knife. They are easy to use, and if you strop every time the knife has been used, the sharpness of the edge is maintained longer. This means that you do not need to sharpen the knife as often with other, more coarse sharpening tools such as a diamond or whetstone.

You use the strop by placing the edge of the knife against the leather and pulling the knife in the direction of the knife spine (i.e. you pull the blade away from the edge). Repeat the procedure about 20 times on each side.

One side has a rougher surface and the other a finer one. On the coarser side, if you want, you can apply stropping paste for increased sanding effect.


  • Artisan handcrafted
  • Vegetable-tanned Italian Leather c.3.5 mm thick
  • Core of waxed European Oak
  • Double-sided strop with one coarse side and one fine side
  • Casström logo
  • Paddle Strop 18x4.5 cm