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Casström Lars Fält Bushcraft Knife Combo Fire Steel



The Casstrom Lars Falt Bushcraft Knife is our best selling knife and for good reason and has been designed and developed in conjunction with renowned survival expert, Lars Falt. This new variant sees the inclusion of a fire steel.

The blade is made from tough, hard wearing Sleipner tool steel. A high carbon content makes the blade durable in hard working situations, such as batoning (splitting wood). The addition of chrome makes it more resistant to tarnish and corrosion.

About Lars Fält:
Lars Fält is internationally regarded as one of the foremost experts in wilderness and survival skills. Lars founded the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School and was in charge there for many years. His interest in outdoor pursuits, survival and knives came early during his military career.

He has extensive experience as an instructor with airborne units of the Swedish armed forces and has trained the British SAS and US Special Forces. He has also participated as an instructor with other overseas armed forces in terrain as varied as the Canadian arctic through to the Australian outback.

About the steel

Uddeholm Sleipner carbon/tool steel has a high carbon content. The chemical composition allows it to be tempered to a high hardness with retained ductility (ability to deform without breakage) and toughness while being easy to grind and capable of obtaining a very sharp and durable edge. The chromium composition ensures a higher level of corrosion resistance compared to other carbon steel blades. It is still good practice to dry the blade after use and protect with oil or wax when stored in a high humidity environment.


Total length: 23 cm
Blade length: 11.5 cm
Blade width: 2.9 cm
Maximum blade thickness: c.4mm
Weight: 175g
Hardness: 58-60 HRC
Handle: Selected Curly Birch with black fibre liners
Sheath: Deep pouch sheath thick tanned leather

Warranty: 25 years

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