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Frost River Great Northern Choppers New Design

The Frost River Great Northern Choppers are serious mittens for cold weather. They are very warm, long and strong enough for any weather and any task.

The new design Choppers are made from high quality 10.10oz waxed canvas that rejects water and snow. A generous 300g of polar fleece lining keeps your hands warm and thick buckskin palms grip shovel handles like work gloves. The long design covers your coat cuffs, ensuring a draught free fit.

In terms of sizing, mittens have more wiggle room than gloves and some people will prefer to wear them slightly bigger, with more room inside. The following is a good guide to get the right size:

Glove size 8 or smaller = Small

Glove size 9 = Medium

Glove size 10 = Large

Glove size 11 or larger = Extra Large

(To find your glove size, take a tape measure and wrap it around your open, dominant hand. The size in Inches is your glove size)