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Geier Kangaroo Gloves


Geier Kangaroo gloves are made from leather tanned in Australia by Packer Leather. Packer has been producing leather in Australia since 1891 and is the recognised leader in high performance Kangaroo leathers.

These high performance, unlined Kangaroo leather gloves are ideal for driving, riding, shooting and as works gloves. It is strong, dense, wears well and will protect fingers with minimal loss of touch. Kangaroo leather remains supple when wet and has in excess of three times the abrasion and tear resistance of buckskin.

Take a tape measure and wrap it around your (dominant) open hand, just below the knuckles. The size in inches is your glove size.

Available in sizes 8-11

Sizing note: we recommend going up a size from your measurement for the right fit.