LionSteel M5 Bushcraft Knife



The LionSteel M5 Bushcraft Knife is a high quality "all-rounder" and affords an excellent pairing of form and functionality; this really is a very capable knife 

The generous blade is made from Sleipner steel and has a satin finish. The handle scales are made from hard wearing Santos wood and are held in place with stainless steel Torx T8 screws.

The LionSteel M5 Bushcraft Knife is suitable for a variety of outdoor tasks including working with wood around camp, thinning branches or processing food for instance. Its average dimensions and reduced weight make this knife an excellent all-around tool that is ideal in every outdoor activity.

The M5 is designed by Molletta and it is supplied with a high quality leather sheath.


Total length: 241 mm. - 9.49 in.
Blade length: 115 mm. - 4.53 in.
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm. - 0.18 in.
Total weight: 350 gr. - 12.35 oz.
Blade steel: Sleipner steel
Blade finish: Satin finished
Handle material: Santos wood
Sheath: Leather
Packaging: Cardboard box

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