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Otter Wax Heat Activated Fabric Dressing


Otter Wax Heat Activated Fabric Dressing comes in a large 1/2-pint tin and provides enough wax to tackle those bigger projects. This item is perfect to achieve a more matte or ‘factory-waxed’ appearance. 

The application process contains a few more steps than using wax bars, but the extra effort yields fantastic results. Applying hot wax penetrates deep into fabrics and dramatically reduces cure time.

  • place tin in 1.5" cool water
  • use heating element to simmer until melted
  • apply with a brush or lint-free cloth
  • use only as much wax as can be absorbed
  • rub into fabric with fingers for uniformity
  • allow 24~48 hours for wax to cure

Ideal for bags, packs, clothing and more

1/2 Pint | Made in Portland, Oregon