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Outdoors The Scandinavian Way by Lars Falt


Lars Fält is internationally regarded as one of the foremost experts in wilderness and survival skills. Lars founded the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School and was in charge there for many years. His interest in outdoor pursuits, survival and knives came early during his military career.

He has extensive experience as an instructor with airborne units of the Swedish armed forces and has trained with British and US Special Forces. He has also participated as an instructor with other overseas armed forces in terrain as varied as the Canadian arctic through to the Australian outback.

This is the first book from Lars to be translated in to English and includes chapters on: 
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Navigation
  • Canoeing
  • Life in camp
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Making a campfire
  • The psychology of survival
  • Travelling in nature
  • Much more.....
Outdoors The Scandinavian Way by Lars Falt - Safety and Survival Skills for summer activities.