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Puma White Hunter Oryx Edition


The Puma White Hunter was first introduced in 1956 and soon became the standard by which all other hunting knives were measured.

The iconic shape of the White Hunter blade, its weight distribution and positive interface with the user remains unique among sporting knives and has assured it position as a must have knife for many serious bush-crafters, hunters, collectors and the like. 

Now, some 64 years after the introduction of this famous knife, Puma present an exclusive new (limited edition) version: The PUMA White Hunter Oryx Edition. The handle for this knife is made from the horns of the Oryx antelope which give this instantly recognisable classic a new twist.

This is an exceptional tool for all manner of outdoor activities.

Handmade in Germany | 5 year warranty

Blade length: 155 mm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Steel / hardness: 1.4116 / 55-57 HRC
Total length: 270 mm
Knife weight: 230 g
Scales: Oryx horn
Bolster: aluminium
Sheath: leather