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Stromeng Sami Knife | Camp Chopper



Since prehistoric times, the Sami people of Arctic Europe have lived and worked in an area that stretches over the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Kola Peninsula. Traditionally, the Sámi have pursued a variety of livelihoods, including coastal fishing, fur trapping, and sheep herding. Their best-known means of livelihood is semi-nomadic reindeer herding.

The design of the knife is the same today as it was hundreds of years ago. The Stromeng Sami knife has deep roots in Sami culture and their way of life. The time and equipment may have changed, but the knife still enjoys a place of honour in Sami culture as an essential tool.

The handle fittings have always been constructed of brass. Since the pre-Christian era, brass has been a sacred metal to the Sami people, as it was supposed to ward off evil spirits. In addition, ancient Sami folk made use of the knife medicinally.

The knife is available with either an 8" or 9" blade. We also have an 8" version with a finger guard, and darkened blade that was designed for the Norwegian Army Special Forces, who still use this as their preferred knife. Strømeng Sami knives have a handle of slow-growing birch oiled with linseed oil, and sturdy sheaths made of cowhide. The knife blade is carbon steel with the designation NB1248U and a hardness of 59 Rockwell.

Some useful tips when using the knife: The blade closest to the shaft is mainly used for rough work. The middle part of the blade is used especially for precision cutting. When chopping, one or two fingers are placed behind the pommel to shift the force forward. Do not use the entire arm in the stroke during chopping, only the wrist - thus you gain better control of where you are cutting. Being a carbon blade, it is important to keep the blade clean and dry after use.

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Mahbub M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The perfect knife

Fits in the hand really well and has just the right amount of weight to it. Its sharp as **** so I’m always careful with it

Will A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Stromeng Sami Knife | Camp Chopper (9")

Well packaged and very prompt delivery. In hind sight (A wonderful thing!) I would probably have opted for the 8" version but as a pack knife as opposed to belt carried this will be a useful lightweight tool. A tried and tested design and will be great when held in a heavily gloved / mittened hand in extreme conditions. The hide sheath has taken leather oil well and this will help to prevent rust on the carbon steel blade.

Tim C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Stromeng Sami 9" Camp chopper

Item exactly as described...arrived well packed and promptly. Mark answered a query promptly before my purchase. The item is exactly as expected ..have used and is a great, well made knife.

France France

Lightweight chopper

The knife weights 380g with sheath. Wich is the weight of a 4" x 5mm thick bushcrafter... And you have an 8"x 3mm blade instead. It's definetly not the most "powerful" chopper around but it strikes above its weight category, thanx to the clever design that tilt the balance point forward. You can do small machete jobs (removing brambles laying on the trail), cutting/delimbing thumb thick green wood (like hazel). For dry wood, I always prefer using my saw... It can also perfectly do the finer tasks like feather sticks or carving tent pegs... Thanx to the scandinavian grind and the lightweight. For fire prep, well, if you know all the tricks to make a fire with a small Mora, you can perfectly do it with that Leuku... But it is require a deep understanding of combustion mechanics... Because I won't recommend batonning huge logs with that tool: it is not a full tang "US" survival knife... You have to be clever with what wood you should choose + knowing the best tinders around you + using the proper technique (beginning with the edges of the log, creating splitting edges for later, never hitting the handle)... Definetly not a knife for beginners (that's the truth, I'm congratuling myself). While talking about fire, the back of the spine is not tempered (there is a temper line around the edge, wich is usually only seen on high end handmade knives, Its adds a lot of resilience). Therefore, you can't srap firesteel with the knife's spine (you still can scrap green barks tho). For food prep, forget it. The scandi grind is a f*** pain when it comes to cutting vegetables (carrots bits flying everywhere lol). It the other hand, I'd recommand using a separate knife for food prep / eating (a SAK folder is perfect) in order to avoid gastric issues (always a pleasure when toilet paper is a scarce ressource =) Last thing, I choosed the version with the gard because I often use the tip (splitting small wood, scrapping barks and so on). Never understood why so many knives are made without hilt. PS: the sheath / knife has some small minor defects but... It's OK. Tbh it adds uniqueness to the tool. (the grind is even, the handle has no crack, wich is all I ask) I will start posting pictures on my instagram -> @urdasein I don't think I will use another knife now (that's a sign about how good it is)... Oh and the shop owner always answer your questions + fast shipping (thumb up !)

Espen F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great item and service

Great quality item in Sami knife from Strømeng at a good price. Great dialogue with seller and very fast dispatch/delivery. Would use again.

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