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Icebreaker Transparency Report - from sheep to shirt

In 1996 Icebreaker created the worlds first natural layering system. Merino’s excellent warmth to weight ratio and low bulk inspires the first two weight layering system. By the early 2000's the brand was being recognised globally and Icebreaker joined a 

multi-national collaboration of French, German, Japanese and Chinese companies to pioneer an advanced manufacturing hub in Shanghai in order to access the best technology, ethics and capacity.

In 2008 Icebreaker are one of the first outdoor apparel brands to ban the practice of mulesing (a painful procedure for sheep).

In 2010 Icebreaker drive a transparent sourcing campaign and are the first company to introduce a ‘baacode’ on our garments to allow wearers to trace the lineage of their garments right back to the sheep station it comes from.

In 2013 Icebreaker develop a natural, ‘non-duck killing’ alternative to ‘down’. Made from merino fibres, MerinoLOFT™ was our pioneering solution - a highly breathable insulating interior that regulates temperature to deliver weightless warmth, naturally.

In 2017 Icebreaker developed our ground-breaking concept that has transformed the partnership with our grower families. Together, we created the icebreaker Grower Club – based on an industry-first, 10-year supply contract. This provides security to invest in their business, their land, their animals and their people. It secures icebreaker’s supply of consistent, high-quality merino fibre.

In 2019 Icebreaker launch a global movement towards choosing natural solutions with ambassadors Ben Lecomte and The Vortex Swim.

In 2021 Icebreaker launch the industry’s first Regenerative Wool platform together with Allbirds, Smartwool and The New Zealand Merino Company.

Icebreaker is a brand committed to ethical practices and champions sheep to shirt transparency.

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