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Stetson Classic American Headwear

As it did in 1865, Stetson today embodies the resourceful, authentic, and diverse American spirit. Rich in history, the story of Stetson continues in step with the journey of America -ever evolving and timeless.


We're big hat lovers at Natural Man and have been wearing Stetson hats for over ten years, so it will come as no surprise that we are absolutely delighted to now be carrying a range of Stetson hats and caps including iconic Western hats, urban flat caps and baker boy style caps to open road style traveller hats and of course the ubiquitous and versatile trucker style cap.

The Stetson range accommodates most wallets with hats made in the USA, the EU and the far east. Irrespective of point of manufacture, all Stetson hats are made to exacting standards with the same high quality production processes and materials.

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